We have an opportunity to create a vibrant city; one that supports our health and wellbeing and ensures current and future generations thrive.


Tauranga is at a crossroads.

Our city is undergoing rapid growth. We not only need to address the big issues of congestion, sprawl, affordability and environment, we also need to safeguard our sense of community.



3 strategies for a better Tauranga

1. City: Let’s make our city move again effectively & efficiently.

2. People: Let’s enrich our culture & empower our community.

3. Environment: Let’s cherish & protect our environment today & tomorrow.

Stronger community. Smarter transport.
A vision for the future.


I want Tauranga to be a place where….

  • Our waterfronts are cherished and enjoyed by all

  • Our streets are welcoming of all ages

  • Diversity is celebrated for the creativity it brings

  • Our most vulnerable are supported

  • We roll up our sleeves to face local and global challenges head on.


“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen”

Michael Jordan